Fund II

Fund II is Fully funded And Closed. For Future Investment Opportunities, Contact Our Principals.

Fund II is fully committed and closed.

Build a stronger and more diverse portfolio with private equity real estate.

Contact our principals to reserve your place on the waitlist for future investment ventures.

Fund II Strategic Overview

Fund Thesis

Birgo primarily targets stabilized but underutilized multifamily workforce housing in the Heartland of America.

We take advantages of geographical arbitrage with high cap rates (6-7%) producing strong cash flow without risk of significant equity value erosion.

Acquisition and
Deals Strategy

Birgo primarily targets stabilized but underutilized multifamily real estate in the Heartland region followed by service-oriented retail space and diversified office space opportunities - all of which are designed to enhance and motivate the community.

Target deals include approximately 25 properties with $3-7 million per acquisition.

total target limited partner IRR
target annual cash flow paid quarterly
target overall growth

Target Returns

Our investors capitalize on superior quarterly returns and continuous appreciation. Fund II investors are currently enjoying an 8.5% fully tax-sheltered dividend. 

LTV, with a minimum 25-year amoritization to optimize cash flow 
years of fix interest rates to minimize interest rate risk 

Debt Strategy

Selectively offer personal guarantees of principals. 


Utilize investor capital commitments and obtain best-in-class long-term, fixed rate debt to fund acquisitions. 

Meet our dedicated asset management team

With expertise in acquisitions, legal, finance, operations, and property management, investors can be confident they’ve hired a skilled and dedicated team to preserve and grow their wealth.

Dan Croce
Managing principal and

Andrew Reichert
‍Managing principal and

Josh Fischer

Will Wallander
In-House Counsel

Sumit Kovoor
Director of Investor Relations

Shannon Reichert

Nicole Shirk

Why Invest with Birgo Capital?

Earn Tax-sheltered Passive Income 

Receive regular, superior cash flow on a quarterly basis 

Diversify your Portfolio 

Diversify your wealth by investing in risk-managed multifamily real estate 

Experience Stable, Long-term Growth 

Benefit from a long-term strategy that yields capital appreciation 

Partner with a Trusted Team

Grow your wealth with personally-invested and seasoned principals

Study our Proven Track Record

Fund I generates a 17.5% IRR for investors and offers strong
financial success stories

Manage Risk via Stable Strategy

We buy stabilized but underutilized property that offers cash flow and room to improve financial performance

No Asset Management Fees

We waive traditional fees related to private equity funds and put more of the investors' capital directly to work. 

Our vertically integrated structure also generates cost savings and improves tenant satisfaction.

Our Strategy In Action

Project Narrative: Starboard Villa
Project Narrative: Brookside Apartments
Project Narrative: Craigdell Gardens
Project Narrative: Skytop Village

Reduce Your Tax Liability

Fund II allows you to reduce your taxes through property depreciation, which shelters large portions of cash flow from current taxation.

Alignment of Incentives

Our principals are major investors in Fund II. For you, this ensures that we believe in and are as motivated by this project as our individual investors.

The Fund II Acquisition Strategy

Birgo purchases stabilized but underutilized properties with a primary focus on residential workforce housing, followed by service-oriented retail space and diversified office space opportunities—all of which are designed to enhance and motivate the community.

Birgo at work

Fund II Sample Holdings

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We take the time to assess risk and fully manage your investment, allowing you to grow your capital without the hassle of managing property yourself. Wondering if Birgo is the right investment for you? Schedule a no-commitment call with our team to see if Birgo Capital can help you reach your financial goals.

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Andrew Reichert

Sumit Kovoor

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