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An Overview: Types of Commercial Real Estate Properties
Investing in “commercial real estate” often seems like a logical next step for serious investors who want to gain best-in-class exposure to the real estate asset class. However, it’s easy to become overwhelmed after realizing that commercial real estate encompasses a significant variety of property types. Birgo Capital is here to help introduce investors to commercial real estate property types. Let's take a brief look into each commercial real estate asset type.
Exploring Cash-on-Cash Returns
Real estate investing may seem daunting, especially with a plethora of terminology and phrases. Birgo Capital's Josh Fischer breaks down one of these terms – the cash-on-cash return.
Private Equity Real Estate Fund Structures: A Primer
Tiptoeing into the world of real estate private equity fund investing can be intimidating because the structure and terms can seem difficult to digest. Let's explore the structure and unique features that exist within private equity real estate funds. 
How Changes in Interest Rates Impact Real Estate Investments
Real estate investors know that interest rates are one of the most important economic factors to consider when monitoring the investment landscape. But interest rates are also a complicated topic! Today, Birgo Capital is sharing some considerations for how changes in interest rates impact real estate investments.
Cap Rates Debunked: What's in a Cap Rate?
At Birgo Capital, we know that an understanding of cap rates is essential. For new investors in real estate, picking the right property to start an investment portfolio can be a daunting task. After all, purchasing an investment property is no small feat. Any time you’re putting your money on the line, it’s important to make an informed decision.
Vertical Integration: The Key to Successful Workforce Housing Investments
Why does Birgo Capital dive right into workforce housing real estate while others shy away from it? And what’s our secret that’s led us to a 99.5% collection rate of our budgeted top line through a pandemic?
Core, Core-Plus, Value-Add, and Opportunistic Real Estate Investing
Birgo Capital discusses the four main types of real estate investment strategies: Core, Core-Plus, Value-Add, and Opportunistic. Which strategy supports your real estate investment goals?
Workforce Housing Apartments: Backed by the Full Faith and Credit of the U.S. Government
Why workforce housing apartments is an almost-magical place to allocate capital for vigilant investors like Birgo Capital.
Are Multifamily Apartments Actually Worth More Because of the Pandemic?
While a heightened sense of risk was clearly present for multifamily real estate investors in late March, the fast-moving dynamics of coronavirus response have contributed to a quick shift towards a different sentiment. Birgo Capital's principal Dan Croce is sharing a few observations as to why demand for multifamily properties -- and not cap rates -- might actually increase in the near term.
Why Birgo Capital’s Real Estate Funds are Well-positioned to Navigate COVID-19
Here's what Birgo Capital is doing (and has done) to maximize the performance of our real estate private equity funds in light of the coronavirus recession.
How Will COVID Impact Pittsburgh Multifamily Real Estate?
Will the relative resilience that Pittsburgh enjoyed during the last recession translate to similarly impressive performance through this one? Let’s examine several regional economic factors to determine how Pittsburgh multifamily real estate is likely to perform during the current crisis and in the years to come. Josh Fischer, Vice President of Acquisitions at Birgo Capital, shares his insights.
Collecting Rent During COVID: Birgo Capital's June Update
Birgo Capital's rent collection took a hit in late March, but April and May were solid. How is June shaping up? Dan Croce, Principal at Birgo Capital, shares a deep-dive look into the data.
Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Operating Expenses
Through COVID-19 and associated economic shutdowns, real estate investors have largely been focused on how these events will impact revenue. However, multifamily investors must also be thoughtful about other components of the cash flow equation - particularly the impact this recession will have on expenses. In this post, Birgo Capital will highlight a few key areas of consideration for the impact of the coronavirus recession on operating expenses.
Four Strategies to a Stabilized Real Estate Portfolio
In a new economic landscape, these tips from Birgo Capital can help you find stability in real estate.
When is it Time to Buy?
As the corona-dust begins to settle, many investors are wondering how to know when it is the right time to begin acquiring real estate again. Here is how we are thinking about acquisitions during a pandemic at Birgo Capital.
Is Now the Time to Invest in Real Estate?
In this three-part series, we’ll share our point of view on the risks and rewards of real estate investing in light of current circumstances, recommendations on the safest real estate investments during economic volatility, as well as how Birgo Capital is actively navigating this season.
Collecting Rent During COVID-19: Birgo Capital's May Rental Income
When the coronavirus public health crisis seized America by storm in mid-March, investors in residential rental properties struck a tone of concern regarding whether or not tenants would be able to pay rent in the coming months. Birgo Capital shares a deep dive into the data today.
Is Workforce Housing Still a Safe Investment?
Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, this niche within the multifamily sector was increasingly viewed as an undervalued safe haven for real estate investors that produces steady cash flow regardless of economic cycles, with the added social and economic benefits of supporting a basic need for working-class citizens.
Will Workforce Housing Real Estate Be Impacted by COVID-19?
For a little more than one month now, COVID-19 has had the multifamily real estate industry on its heels as we seek to determine what the pandemic’s impact will be on property owners’ ability to collect rents.
A Candid Look At COVID-19's Impact on Real Estate
Four key questions Birgo Capital is asking as we navigate the current climate
What is a Private Equity Real Estate Fund?
What is a private equity real estate fund? A private equity real estate fund allows investors to combine their capital together to invest across a diversified portfolio of professionally selected and managed real estate properties. Today Birgo Capital is sharing why America's wealthiest are choosing private real estate funds to earn passive income in real estate.
How Data Analytics can Drive Real Estate Investing
Today, everywhere in real estate, companies are throwing around terms such as “Big Data” and “analytically-driven decisions” when it comes to developing new business strategies that guide decision-makers in making sound insights.
Four Ways to Start Investing in Real Estate
“The wise young man or wage earner of today invests his money in real estate.” – Andrew Carnegie, billionaire industrialist
Pittsburgh Real Estate: Opportunity In Private Equity (White Paper Download)
Real estate private equity is increasing in popularity as an alternative asset class. Pittsburgh is rapidly becoming one of the world’s best locations for long-term real estate investment. Provided is an overview of both — the Pittsburgh Real estate market and the opportunities that abound specifically in private equity. Attached is our white paper Investing in Pittsburgh Real Estate: Private Equity