r/realestateinvesting: Our Favorite Reddit Threads

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Christopher Ostertag

In our spare time, the Birgo Capital team likes to run marathons, watch football, and hang out at Commonplace Coffee.

But what we really enjoy, deep down, is mindlessly scrolling on/though Reddit for 1-3 hours.

In homage to one of our preferred guilty pleasures, we put together a list of our favorite threads on r/realestateinvesting.

(Please note that Reddit is, well, Reddit. We can’t guarantee that any given comments section is family-friendly, and unless you enjoy pranks, you might be better off avoiding links posted by strangers. You have been warned.)

“[Man] I Love Real Estate!”

Wholesome content is sure to get some likes.

u/hooah10 writes about how direct investing helped pay off his mortgage, provide an escape from a dreary job, save for retirement, and create peace of mind and financial independence for his family. u/hooah10 credits his success to the fact that rents remain constant through market dips, protecting cash flows and keeping investors afloat until the market corrects.

This anonymous internet investor also ensured he selected great tenants who would respect the property and pay rent. In return, u/hooah10 was a good landlord and both parties benefited. 

The best thing about this thread is the comments section: fellow investors sharing advice and supporting each other. 

Our favorite comment is from u/MontyBellamy:

“me buying a house in Texas for $20 and bringing it back to LA”

At Birgo, we love memes so much that we started an annual competition for employee-made memes.

This one speaks for itself.

Deal Analysis and Education

One of the best features of the internet age is that it’s never been easier to learn.

Of course, readers should be careful relying on financial advice garnered from strangers on the internet.

This thread doesn’t provide enough information to determine whether or not this was a good deal — but we’re impressed with the sheer amount of educational content available via the Reddit community.

New investors can use threads like these to learn about the numerous approaches to real estate investing.

Those Dang Millennials Calling Everything a “Hack”

Sharing space to save on living expenses can be a great strategy for young people trying to increase their personal savings. We’re not sure we have strong opinions about what you call it, but u/Leroy—Brown certainly does, and his query got a chuckle out of us.

Apparently buying a home in Texas is hard?

Honestly, we’ve got nothing to add to this one. Maybe the better option would have been moving the house out of Texas.

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