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Why Invest with Birgo Capital?

Individual investors deserve a chance to make their money grow. As a real estate private equity investment firm, Birgo Capital creates opportunities for investors to diversify their portfolios and create passive income through real estate without the time commitment of managing property directly.

Your money goes farther with Birgo Capital.

We ensure more of your money is put to work by maintaining in-house operations and waiving asset management, committed capital, and fund formation fees.

Your success is our success.

Just like our investors, we're motivated by financial growth, which is why we use incentive-based compensation for our team. In other words—we succeed when you do.

We invest in strong, stable markets.

The American Heartland is the real estate market’s best-kept-secret. We only invest in markets that have low acquisition costs and stable, diverse economic landscapes. This includes Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Indianapolis, and beyond.

We've done our research.

Our team diligently reviews each asset and we only move forward when we determine that the asset will perform for our investors.

With Birgo Capital, your investment works as hard as you do.

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Responsible Capital Management

Birgo Capital is a private equity real estate firm that offers stable, high-yield, tax- sheltered returns to accredited investors. Our private equity real estate fund is comprised of multi-family housing, service-oriented commercial spaces and diversified office buildings in the Greater Pittsburgh Area.

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