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Hi, there! Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the personal finance person in your life? Look no further! At Birgo, we understand that choosing a present for finance gurus can be tricky - maybe you don’t know what they like or think they may have everything they need. We’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best gift ideas to give the financial person in your life (that they won’t just throw away!). And of course we’ve included a wide range of style options and prices. Check out these suggestions to choose the perfect gift!

Custom JBL Speaker

Price: $49.95-$199.95

Speakers are a great gift that nobody ever seems to think of giving someone. JBL manufactures the best waterproof, bluetooth speakers on the market. Their portable speakers are the perfect size to carry anywhere, but still pack a powerful sound wave. JBL offers great quality, customizable speakers with a long battery life that the finance person in your life would be grateful to receive.

a custom JBL speaker is a perfect gift for the finance person in your life

Personalized Pen and Money Clip Set

Price: $33.50

A pen and money clip set from Amazon is an affordable option that is perfect for financial people. You can personalize each piece of this gift for no extra charge!

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Price: $24.99

Cold brew coffee is becoming increasingly popular, yet most people have to buy it from a coffee shop to be able to drink it. A cold brew coffee maker is a unique gift idea to give to a personal finance guru.

For a personalized touch, include a coffee mug featuring an interest of theirs, such as a sports team, tv show, or funny quote.

Pair this with a bag of coffee from a local shop and they’re sure to be impressed and flattered!

Personalized Desk Clock

Price: $80.00

A clock is something everyone needs but not many people remember to buy. This personalized gift is thoughtful, usable, and can be appreciated by any financial person in your life.

Birgo’s choice of clock is crafted from heavy black glass and personalized for free via

Moka Pot

Price: $49.00-$59.00

A Moka Pot is a unique luxury gift that the financial person in your life would surely appreciate. There are a variety of Moka Pots available on Amazon. They range from $20-$30, are available in silver, black, blue, and red, and offer free shipping!

Include a custom moka pot stand to make this gift feel even more personal!

Leather Embossed Journal

Price: $11.65

A personalized journal is a great, useful gift that any financial person can appreciate. A leather embossed journal can be customized to include their name, or anything else they may like! 

This would be a great gift by itself, or could be paired with a customized pen set.

Golf Set

Price: $299

A nice set of golf clubs is a unique gift idea to give a financial person in your life. There are a variety of sets available online, available in many different colors.

Did you know that you can customize golf balls? These are a great and personalized addition to this gift for the personal finance guru in your life.

BBQ Tool Set

Price: $53.20

You can never have enough tools to grill with! Provide the financial person in your life with a useful gift of a complete BBQ tool set. This set includes 18 tools complete with a case. It is customizable and ready to ship in nine days.

Etched Carafe

Price: $72.95

A carafe is as beautiful as it is useful to serve both water and wine. Whether for everyday use or special events, the finance person in your life will appreciate a customized 5-piece carafe set.

Cozy Embroidered Blanket

Price: $30.58

You can never have too many blankets! And it’s a perfect and thoughtful gift to give a financial person. At Birgo, we recommend a 50” x 60” fluffy blanket as a great addition to anyone’s blanket collection. Order the blanket and then get it embroidered with the name of the financial person in your life, or another interest of theirs, such as a favorite sports team! This adds a thoughtful and personal touch to an already amazing gift.

Stackable Growler with Cups

Price: $70.40

A growler with cups is a unique and personalizable gift for a financial person. Made of durable stainless steel and double vacuum wall insulation, it is a high quality item to keep drinks warm/cold and safe.

Custom Umbrella

Price: $23.95

An umbrella is a thoughtful and useful gift that can be customized for the financial person in your life. Nice umbrellas are hard to come by and will be appreciated as a nice addition to their morning commute.

Etched Glass Beer Flight

Price: $29.95

A beer flight is the perfect way to have an interesting afternoon or take a party to the next level! Provide the financial person in your life with a useful gift of an etched glass beer flight. It is customizable to add a thank you message on the paddle portion of the beer glass holder.


We hope we were able to provide you with a variety of gift ideas for the finance person in your life. Be sure to check out the rest of our blogs at for more tips, tricks, hacks, and suggestions!

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