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Whether it’s your favorite hobby, your college, your hometown sports team, or your livelihood, most elements of contemporary society are surrounded by a community and a culture of internet memes. Finance and real estate investing are no exception. 

These financial meme accounts should brighten your day and keep you updated on the buzz in finance culture.


Any list of finance meme accounts would be incomplete without GSElvator. This account is a classic. It features things supposedly overheard in the elevator of the elite investment bank Goldman Sachs.

 The account’s popular run began in the early 2010s with the tweet: “My garbage disposal eats better than 98% of the world.” Since then, the account has delivered witty, sarcastic, and even cynical tweets about current events, finance, and politics.

The account caused enough stir for Goldman-Sachs to launch an investigation aimed at discovering the account creator’s identity. It eventually came out that John LeFevre was the man behind GSElevator.

John LeFevre is now a notorious Wall Street anti-establishment industry insider. LeFevre had a successful career working in international finance. Drawing on his experiences, LeFerve looks to shed light on indulgence and corruption in Wall Street institutions.

If you want to know what’s causing a stir in the financial world, look no further than John LeFevre and GSElevator. Controversial, contrarian, and suspect of the system, GSElevator will give it to you straight, and try to have a good laugh while doing it.

Classic GSElevator content:

Cash Poor Capital

Cash Poor Capital is an Instagram meme account built by financial industry workers for financial industry workers. This account is focused on building community and camaraderie for people in the profession.

Cash Poor is a place for financial industry workers to bond over industry jokes. Their content creates solidarity in the shared industry experience of brutal hours and demanding superiors.

The account is an outlet for creative self-expression in the financial industry. As part of this community building and self-expression, Cash Poor Capital makes its own merch. This merch features humorous spins on financial jargon such as “EBITDADDY” hats.

If you do not work in the financial industry or are not an experienced investor this may not be the account for you. Much of the humor involves the vocabulary, atmosphere, and happenings of the finance world.

For the industry worker however, this is a very active account with hilarious, relatable memes and a dedicated community.

Here our some of our favorite Cash Poor Capital memes (disclaimer: this account is private and users must request to follow it in order to see this content):

 Overheard on Wall Street

This account prides itself as “the official voice of Wall Street.” The account features entertaining one-liners and anecdotes overheard at various Wall Street firms. If you have overheard something post worthy the account accepts submissions at overheardwallstreet@gmail.com.

Overhead follows in the footsteps of accounts like GSElevator. Like GSElevator, Overheard posts hilarious bits heard in top finance firms.  Unlike GSElevator, Overheard is less focused on sticking it to the man and more focused on posting relatable content that gives a glimpse into a Wall Street working experience. Overheard also posts much more regularly than GSElevator.

Beyond its Instagram feed, the Overheard on Wall Street brand has its own merch for sale and an informative newsletter: Short Squeez. This newsletter provides relevant news, data, and articles from quality sources to its subscribers.

Here are a few great Overheard posts:

Secure the Promote

Another “Finmeme” Instagram account (as we say in the biz) is Secure the Promote

Secure the Promote is like Cash Poor Capital, but slightly more focused on real estate investment memes. The name is a reference to real estate brokers earning their portion of revenue from a real estate sale. The revenue they secure from this sale is called the “promote”.

Secure the promote regularly posts memes about famous and infamous figures in real estate finance, trends in the industry, financial analyst struggles, and more. A quality source of high yield laughter.  

Costar Broker

Last but not least we have Costar Broker. Follow this Instagram account for quality memes portraying the life of a real estate broker. You’ll find content about the awkward dynamics of showing properties to clients, tediousness of cold calling, stereotypically uncaring supervisors, and more.

Costar Broker was created in April 2020, a time when the commercial real estate industry was at a standstill due to COVID-19. According to its creators, the purpose of this account began as an outlet for stir crazy commercial real estate brokers to find some release by laughing at the antics of their own industry.


In our day and age one of the best ways to bond and laugh with others is through sharing internet memes. Fortunately for the real estate finance minded person, no shortage of quality meme sources exists. We too can share in the creativity, community, and culture of hilarious internet memes.

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