The 10 Real Estate Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

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Join us as we continue our tour of real estate social media. We’ve already covered RE meme accounts and RE Reddit threads (x2), and we’ve arrived at our next stop: RE Twitter. Twitter has been and continues to be a valuable source for real estate news, advice, and how-tos. Here are the top 10 accounts you should be following.

1. Apartment Guide

For the apartment dwellers among us, this account is for you. Apartment Guide puts out consistent tips, tricks, and DIY projects. These guys also publish guides for buying and selling apartments in cities across the nation.

You won’t see a lot of witty real estate one liners following this account, BUT you’ll stay in the know about their longform blog content. If you’re looking to rent, own, or live better in an apartment, give Apartment Guide a follow.

Notable content:

·        Dreaded Apartment Living Room Layouts

·        Low Income Housing Guide

·        Apartment Side Hustle

2. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets is one of the best resources in the game for new real estate investors. Their Twitter account is an extension of their online community of real estate investors, which is two million members strong.

You’ll find everything from motivational personal finance quotes, real estate commentary, rental owner tips, to real estate partners, deals and finance. Among the members of the BiggerPockets community are industry experts such as Brandon Turner and Joshua Dorkin who regularly contribute to BiggerPockets’ content focused on improving investors’ financial lives.

Notable Content:

·        Why Being a Millionaire is Overrated

·        Avoiding Late Night Tenant Calls

·        Real Estate Mentors

3. HousingWire

Looking for the latest on everything affecting our insane housing market?  Check out HousingWire. They consider themselves the “nation’s most influential source of news and information on U.S. housing finance.”

HousingWire puts out multiple tweets daily on anything housing market related. Their coverage includes economic trends, shifts in Federal Housing Finance Agency policies, and other financial happenings.  

To stay informed in these uncertain financial times, follow HousingWire. If you find HousingWire’s Twitter helpful and informative, they also put out daily podcast episodes.

Notable Content:

·        Freddie Mac Policy

·        Job Growth in 2022??

·        Housing Wire Daily

4. NYT Real Estate

While this account is NYC centric, it posts quality real estate content that goes beyond the Big Apple. Speaking of the Big Apple, NYT Real Estate recently covered the rental market in Manhattan where the median rent is $4000! $4000! Looks like I won’t be living in the Financial District anytime soon…

Anyway, NYC Real Estate covers everything from apartment décor tips, to gardening beta, to advice for tenants and landlords alike. The narrative content of NYC is a particular strongpoint, with interesting real estate stories from around the country.

Notable Content:

·        Manhattan Rent

·        Stiltgrass, Your Garden’s Worst Enemy

·        Black Developers Looking to Elevate Major Projects

5. Stessa

Stessa prides itself on giving “rental property investors a powerful new way to manage and communicate the performance of their real estate assets.”

Stessa posts practical tips for new real estate investors looking to maximize their return on investment. Their feed also provides a steady stream of real estate trends and news. As a platform aimed at helping rental property investors, Stessa will point you to its helpful rental management software tools. Stessa also supplies information on financing rental properties.

Whether you’re a new real estate investor or a rental empire mogul, Stessa has something for you.

Notable Content:

·        Rental Finance

·        Depreciation Calculator Tool

·        How to Calculate ROI

6. RentoMeter

Rentometer tracks rent data across the country. They provide market rent rates in various major rental markets throughout the U.S. This data is a fantastic tool for investors making decisions on where and when to invest in rental markets.

Rentometer also puts out helpful real estate investment guides from their contributors. Anyone looking to get into rental ownership and real estate investing will benefit from the content filling Rentometer’s Twitter feed.

Notable Content:

·        Investing in Rental Properties 101

·        Seattle Apartment Rent Changes Q1 2021- Q1 2022

·        How Kendra Barnes uses Rentometer

7. PA Realtors

If yinz are from Pittsburgh or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, you’ll want to follow PA Realtors.

PA Realtors follows PA real estate market trends. They also cover legislation affecting PA real estate. Additionally, PA Realtors updates their feed with solid blog content from their parent organization, REALTOR magazine. For those investing in real estate in PA, this feed will keep you in the know about various real estate workshops, webinars and conferences across the state.

All in all, this is a valuable resource for the PA real estate investor.

Notable Content:

·        Real Estate Legislation in PA

·        Buyers Gaining Leverage?

·        Keystone Flex Webinar  

8. Brandon Turner

Already mentioned as a contributor to BiggerPockets above, Brandon Turner is the real deal. He's been putting out quality content for BiggerPockets over the years and was the host of the very successful BiggerPockets podcast with over one hundred million downloads.

Using his real estate savvy, Turner started Open Door Capital, an up-and-coming real estate investment company. Open Door Capital boasts a portfolio of over three thousand multifamily units consisting of mobile home parks and apartments.

Turner is an accomplished and respected voice in the real estate industry and he has a lot of thoughts and experiences to share. His Twitter consistently puts out not only real estate tips, but also motivational content and life advice.

Notable Content:

·        Importance of Habit

·        Power of Gratitude

·        Real Estate Investment Q&A

9. National Association of Home Builders

If your real estate investment strategy involves the housing market, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is an automatic follow. This account is especially good if you’re a housing contractor by day and a savvy real estate investor by night.

NAHB features practical home building tips, new house building tech, housing market news, and more. NAHB’s Monday Morning Briefing gives you housing headlines in just 60 seconds. For the RE investor, NAHB gives insight into house building trends that can inform the way you invest.

Notable Content:

·        Innovative Housing Showcase

·        June 13th Monday Morning Briefing

·        Avoiding Trenching Accidents

10. Seth Williams

Seth Williams is the founder of RETipster, which was featured as one of our Top 5 Resources for Beginner Real Estate Investors. If you’re looking to grow as a real estate investor, RETipster puts out great blogs, podcasts, videos, and other incredibly helpful tools.

Seth’s Twitter is an extension of RETipster where he offers his own real estate advice and highlights others’. His page offers helpful real estate and life tips and will keep you on track with RETipster’s blog content. Seth is one of the best educational and informative voices in real estate investing so you won’t regret this follow.

Notable Content:

·        Price Boss Software Review

·        How Land Flipping Has Changed Since 2016

·        Interview with John Casmon of Casmon Capital Group


Real estate Twitter is an expansive network of content and these are just a few of our favorites. With these accounts, you can become a more informed RE investor, rental owner, tenant or finance guru. And unless the aspiring Twitter owner, Mr. Musk, decides to mandate Tesla only content, we see the website continuing to be an oasis for great real estate content.

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