r/realestateinvesting, Part the Second

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Last time we talked about Reddit, you guys went wild for it. We continue to think Reddit is pretty great so we aren’t surprised that yinz are back for more. We don’t want to keep you waiting, so here it is: another dive into r/realestateinvesting.

(As we said last time, please note that Reddit is, well, Reddit. We can’t guarantee that any given comments section is family-friendly, and unless you enjoy pranks, you might be better off avoiding links posted by strangers. You have been forewarned.)

Self-made millionaire

Who doesn’t love a success story?

our favorite r/realestateinvesting threads

We’ve said many times here that all you need to become a real estate investor is time, seed money (less than you think), and hard work. It’s not the easiest way to grow your net worth — direct investing is time-consuming, difficult, and risky, compared to professionally-managed alternatives — but it can be a pretty compelling option for those prepared to make real estate their full-time job.

Alternative investments

This one is mostly a meme — but not entirely. That’s the beautiful thing about Reddit: sometimes-disconcerting, serious-sounding sardonicism seamlessly interwoven with, you know, actionable advice.

We’ve said before that one of real estate’s best features is its versatility. A century ago, nobody knew what a cell tower or datacenter was — much less that there would be REITs and other funds that unlock the returns for retail investors. But though its uses may change with the times, land is always worth something.

And hey, as people who definitely aren’t hipster-adjacent, we’re well-qualified to say that hipsters will pay for anything.

our favorite r/realestateinvesting threads on reddit

And u/CreepyHollow is clearly playing chess with one more dimension than the rest of us.

the best real estate investing thread on reddit

We admire the commenters’ hustle — wHaT aRe yOu dOinG wItH tHe lAnD?! — but we know exactly what we’d do with some land in the mountains: kick back and relax, maybe do some fishing, build a log cabin and get away from the stultifying urban hustle . . . okay, we got a little carried away there, but you get the idea.

Crowdsourcing advice

We’re not saying you should trust strangers on the internet, but the strangers on r/realestateinvesting tend to be pretty willing to offer advice — even if some of it’s pretty suspect. One kind soul even pointed OP towards a professional financial advisor.

real estate investing threads on reddit

As we’ve written before, the basic idea here can actually be a pretty good one. But you can learn a lot about the basic considerations that go into a prospective investment via the internet — if you know how to ignore the chaff, there’s never been a more powerful decentralized way to learn.

Yeah, we’re gonna stay in the Heartland

This one speaks for itself.

real estate investing on reddit

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