Top 5 Resources for Beginner Real Estate Investors

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Real estate investing can be daunting for those who have never invested before. For many people, real estate investment may seem like the exclusive territory of silk suited moguls wheeling and dealing in smoke-filled rooms. Fortunately, this is not the case. Many opportunities and resources exist for anyone looking to begin real estate investment.

Here are the top 5 resources for beginner real estate investors.


Millionacres is a real estate investment service provided by the popular financial advisory site, The Motley Fool

They provide resources that simplify real estate investment for all investors. Millionacres offers varying levels of real estate investment advice. Their blog content can be freely accessed online, covering interesting and important trends in real estate investment, as well as offering practical educational guides to different aspects of real estate investment. 

For those looking to take their first big leap into real estate, Millionacres offers their Real Estate Winners service.. Enrolled users receive  monthly stock recommendations, updates on stocks based on earnings and other events, quarterly “Top 10 Investment Alerts,” and additional educational content. 

For more advanced investors, Millionacres offers its Mogul service..This program offers resources focused on growing a commercial real estate empire. For aspiring new investors and savvy seasoned investors alike, Millionacres by the Motley Fool offers a broad range of educational and advising resources.

Here’s some content from Millionacres we think you should read: 


BiggerPockets mission is “to help people find personal freedom and financial flexibility through real estate investing so they can work around life—not base their life around work”. 

BiggerPockets has created an active online community of real estate investors with forums and member blogs. 

The organization prides itself as “The Real Estate Investing Social Network” and the online community has over two million members. The community is surrounded and supported by multiple podcasts, over thirty published real estate investing books, a Pro subscription service, free webinars, and engaging blog content with thousands of viewers. 

The BiggerPockets blog features notable authors from the real estate investment world including Paul Moore, Brandon Turner, and Ken Corsini

BiggerPockets is an invaluable resource that provides excellent educational content and access to a network of fellow investors looking to build and share their knowledge. 

What you should read from BiggerPockets:

R.E. Tipster

R.E. Tipster features blogs, podcasts, videos, coaches, online courses, and other content to help you learn and stay in the know about real estate investment. Online courses include land investing, house hacking, and deal finding. 

R.E. Tipster notably features an easy to navigate terms library, which can help you develop a vocabulary to better engage with and find success in the real estate investment world. 

R.E. Tipster also provides a list of online resources and software for building and managing real estate investments.

Here is our favorite R.E. Tipster content:

Fortune Builders

This site is another one you’ll want to add to your list. Fortune Builders offers educational content with a personal touch. 

The founders of Fortune Builders, Than Merrill and Konrad Sopelnikow write most of the blog content and offer coaching services. Both individuals have massive success in the real estate investment world and years of valuable experience to share. 

A highlight of the Fortune Builders blog is its real estate market reports on cities all over the US

Fortune builder’s flagship educational program, Mastery, walks you through steps to become an adept investor.

Here are Fortune Builders articles you need to read:


JoeFairless is a personality driven resource. The man at the center here is Joe Fairless, a sort of jack of all trades, boasting pre-school teacher, standup comedian, and advertisement executive on his resume. (He also controls more than $900m in real estate investment.) 

So not to worry, this guy knows what he is talking about. 

Joe offers a robust selection of advising and educational content on his site, including blogs, a large video library, books. The JoeFairless brand also hosts the  “Best Ever Show”, which is the longest running real estate investment podcast. 

Other helpful resources include Apartment Syndication School run by Theo Hicks, and personal planning sessions with Joe himself

Here are some great resources from JoeFairless:


The National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries reported as of 2021 that private real estate has surpassed the annualized returns on the S&P 500 for the last twenty-five years. 

Real estate investment currently presents one of the best opportunities to build wealth. These five resources will better equip you to tap into these opportunities.   

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