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The greatest event in sports is upon us once again. 

The Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams compete in Super Bowl LVI on Sunday February 13, @ 6:30 PM EST. 

We’re putting our money on Cincinnati (no, this doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that we invest in the Cincinnati market).

Super Bowl watch parties bring together friends and family for some friendly competition on who made the best appetizer or whose team will become world champions.

We asked the Birgo team: If you could invite anyone to your Super Bowl watch party, who would it be and why?

Hannah B. (Operations): If I could have anyone in the world come to my Super Bowl watch party, it would 100% be my dad. My dad was a lifelong Bengals fan, he was born the same year they were founded! He was a season ticket holder for many years, watched every game or listened on the radio. He was a diehard fan and cheered them on even during some of their worst years. He was 23 the last time the Benglas won a playoff game. He passed away a little over 10 years ago at the age of 43, he never got to watch them make a playoff run again. My dad shared his love of the game and our hometown team with me, took me to games, Bengals practices, explained the rules, even taught me how to play! Every game I wish he was here to watch and experience this with us, it would have made his entire year! My dad was a big part of the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky community, he taught and coached at schools in both states and is remembered and missed by many. Some Bengals fans have put together a program called "No Fan Left Behind". They are taking email submissions and making shirts of fans who have passed for those who attend the Super Bowl to wear. It is amazing watching this city become energized and band together as our boys have made it through the playoffs and have now made it to the Super Bowl. I have never experienced anything like this, but it's a feeling I hope this city will get used to in the years to come!

Ed S. (Finance): Peyton Manning. He has a ton of ESPN+ Detail episodes where he breaks down plays, and he's really good at it. Also, his MNF ESPN alternative broadcast is really great too.

Jenna G. (Growth): The first person that came to my mind was comedian Pete Davidson. My reason for this is twofold. I'd like to think that interacting with him would feel natural - like he's a close family friend I've known forever. He doesn't seem absorbed in his fame so conversation would feel more genuine. He also has such a fun personality and I think he'd light up a room with his commentary and jokes. Any watch party is probably fun sans famous people, but Pete would make it 10x better.

Georin O. (Operations): I’d invite Prince because he's one of the coolest artists I know!! Have to resurrect him first

Miguel G. (Finance): I would have to say Magnus Carlsen, the current World Chess Champion. During my earlier years, he served as a role model when I was picking up the game of chess and up to today, I have used many of his apps to improve and think more critically. Having him attend my Super Bowl watch party would not only allow me to get to know him and learn a bit more about chess, I would also have one of the most intelligent minds that can analyze the game and think several plays ahead

Dan C. (Growth): Nate Bargatze would bring the funnies and ensure it was a very average party. Or I'd raise Chris Farley from the dead because it would definitely be a good time if he's there. Or no… Tom Brady. Because as long as he's at my party it means he's not winning the super bowl?

Traci A. (Operations): Jo Koy- he's a comedian that I love and he is a lot of fun!

Gina B. (Growth): John Mayer…for obvious reasons.

Ethan R. (Growth): I'd have to go with Andrew Schultz - a brilliant comedian. I think he'd have some hilariously great commentary on the game. He's also got a quick wit and some very interesting ideas as seen in his podcast so I think he'd keep the watch party quite entertaining.

Alena M. (Operations): I’d have to invite Terry Crews! One because he used to play for the NFL and two because he seems like a fun guy who would enjoy good snacks!

You may or may not catch us shouting Who Dey! on Sunday to support our Cincinnati tenants, employees, and properties. 

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