The Birgo Capital 2021 Fantasy Real Estate Draft

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All right folks, it’s that time of the year again. 

The time of year when your phone blows up with 31 messages in a group chat with 7 other people, half of whom you actually know. 

The time of year when your spouse reminds you that there actually are productive uses for $100. 

The time of year when you realize just how old you’re getting, because it turns out the people you thought were the best players in the NFL are actually irrelevant now. 

Ding ding ding, you guessed it -- it’s time for fantasy football! To help usher in the greatest of all colossal time wasters in the history of mankind, Birgo is going to kick off the season with our own version of the real estate fantasy league draft.

In this version, we pit two of our team members, Josh Fischer and Dan Croce, head to head. 

Break out the buffalo chicken dip and pizza... let’s get this thing going.

On Sunday, September 5, Josh and Dan met at Federal Galley on Pittsburgh’s North Side with their MacBooks to throw down over some delicious brunch and cocktails. 

One by one, they built their respective real estate dream teams.  Let’s take a look to see how the rosters stack up:

Position Team Fischer Team Croce
QB (Market) Buffalo Sixburgh
RB (Deal Profile) Core-plus Opportunistic
RB (Tax Structure) Pass-through depreciation REIT, baby, REIT
WR (Contract Terms) 30 days due diligence A financing contingency
WR (Regional Bridge Lender) Dollar Bank S&T Bank
FLEX (Financing Terms) 60 months interest-only Earn-out on extra loan proceeds
FLEX (Internal Communication Platform) Voxer Slack
TE (Seller’s Broker) CBRE JLL
DEF (Legal Counsel) Meyer, Unkovic, and Scott Clark Hill
K (Permanent Financing) Fannie Mae Freddie Mac

When asked about the makeup of his roster, Josh Fischer commented, “Most of all, I’m really thrilled about having 5 years of interest-only on my team. It’s pretty hard to lose when you’ve got that long to figure things out. I’m highly confident in taking this team into the season.” 

Regarding his draft performance, Croce remarked, “The tax efficiency of a REIT combined with the incredible risk-return profile of Pittsburgh clearly puts my squad at a competitive advantage. This season is going to be a cakewalk.”

Will anyone go 17-0? Or 0-17?

Only time will tell which of these competitors will come out ahead, but we’re looking forward to following along. 

Best of luck to all of you competing in fantasy football this fall! 

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