Fund III

Big Things Are Coming...

  • Diversify your portfolio - become a passive realestate investor
  • Achieve stability - get exposure to stable, multifamily assets
  • Be part of something bigger - invest in community development

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What to Expect

Heartland Targeted
Multifamily Focused
Open to Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors

Our Strategy In Action

Project Narrative: Starboard Villa
Project Narrative: Brookside Apartments
Project Narrative: Craigdell Gardens
Project Narrative: Skytop Village

Reduce Your Tax Liability

Fund II allows you to reduce your taxes through property depreciation, which shelters large portions of cash flow from current taxation.

Alignment of Incentives

Our principals are major investors in Fund II. For you, this ensures that we believe in and are as motivated by this project as our individual investors.

The Fund II Acquisition Strategy

Birgo purchases stabilized but underutilized properties with a primary focus on residential workforce housing, followed by service-oriented retail space and diversified office space opportunities—all of which are designed to enhance and motivate the community.