Apartment-Friendly Halloween Decor | 2022 Fall Season

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Mia Williams

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re like us, you’re probably preparing to decorate your apartment for this season. Whether you prefer an aesthetic fall look or a scary vibe, we’ve compiled a list of some apartment-friendly decor items that appeal to both themes.

A black and orange ornamented wreath hanging on a door.

Pumpkin Orange and Black Shatterproof Halloween Wreath

Price: $20.00

This uniquely decorative black and orange ornamented wreath is perfect for any apartment door this Halloween season. It is also shatterproof, which makes it very durable around young children and pets.  In addition to your door, you can also hang this Halloween decoration on your apartment windows and walls. Purchase this festive Halloween wreath at Target.

A cute crouching skeleton kitten prop

Crouching Kitten Skeleton Halloween Decorative Prop

Price: $5.00

Any animal lover will enjoy this small kitten skeleton Halloween prop. Although it is a bit scary, it still has elements of cuteness to it and would be a perfect addition to any apartment. This prop also comes in a different sitting position as well as comes in different animal options, too! There’s a dog, a duck, and so much more. All these Halloween decor props can be found at Target.

A scary Halloween candle holder collection

Phantasmagoria Candle Holder Collection

Price: $18-$25

This creepy scary Halloween collection is a MUST-have for your apartment decor this season. Each candle holder is sold separately, but as a whole they match perfectly for a shelf or side counter in your home. These creatively designed holders will surely get you in the spirit of Halloween and they’ll smell good, too, with an added candle in the mix. All of these Phantasmagoria candle holders can be found at Yankee Candle.

A cute set of LED ghost figures

Spooky Ghosts w/ Flickering LED Candle

Price: $29.99

You better BOO-lieve these cute little LED ghosts are a playful addition to Halloween decor in your apartment! It comes in a set of three, and each have a different expression on their face. They are small enough to be placed as a centerpiece on a table or a countertop. You can find this ghostly set on Etsy.

Wooden jack-o-lantern set with LED lights

Wood Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Decorations

Individual Price: $28-30

Full Set Price: $144.00

If you’re not wanting to deal with the hassle of carving pumpkins and the mess that comes with them, these wooden jack-o-lanterns are the perfect choice for your apartment. There are 5 different choices to choose from. You can also get the whole collection as a full set! They can light up the night with lots of color options, too. You can find these pumpkin decorations on Etsy.


We hope we were able to provide you with some creepy and scary decor for your apartment this coming Halloween season! Now that you’ve found some new decor for your apartment, be sure to check out https://www.birgo.com/realty/available to find the best place to live.

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