Safety Tips for Living Alone

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Jenna Gnieski

Being independent doesn’t always have to be scary; living alone can mean newfound freedom and opportunities to explore your curiosity. To help you feel peace of mind and secure in your new neighborhood, we’re sharing our top safety tips for living alone. 

Look up crime rates

One of the most important things that you can do before moving is to research your neighborhood. Looking up crime rate statistics beforehand will give you an idea of the area and how to plan for living on your own. 

There are lots of resources you can use to access this data. Here are some that Pittsburgh residents might find helpful.

Install a security camera

Security cameras and smart home devices are booming the home security industry right now. Not only do they constantly record the surrounding area,, some even notify your phone when it detects motion. This option is the perfect companion to ensure your safety and piece of mind when living alone. 

If you’re on a budget, there are still ways to ward off intruders. Many places sell “fake” security cameras. While they don’t offer you the opportunity to view your home, they may help stop criminals more so if there were no visible security cameras. 

Check out these best performing security cameras, ranked from least to most expensive.

Keep close communication with your landlord

At any notice of suspicious activity, notify your landlord or the police. Landlords or property managers are likely knowledgeable about your neighborhood, they are a great resource for making you feel at home and comfortable.
If something is broken in your apartment, contact your landlord or maintenance immediately – especially if a lock is broken.

Get to know your neighbors

When you move in, reach out to your neighbors. A friendly hello and introduction will help build relationships so that you have connections to turn to if you ever need help. They can also keep an eye on your apartment or home if you go out of town. 

Mount door and window alarms

You don’t have to get a high-tech or super expensive security system to be safe. Home Depot and Walmart have affordable and easy-to-install window and door alarms, like this one from GE. 

Purchase other home security devices and tools

Home security devices such as portable door locks, privacy screens, and window tints are also handy in taking safety precautions. 

Here are some of the most popular and highly-rated products:

*Note: these products can be fire hazards

Other helpful tips

  • Close your blinds and curtains.
  • Be careful on social media – Think before you post! Don’t upload anything that lets others know you live alone, are going out-of-town or are going out for the night. 
  • Always make sure to lock the door when coming and going.
  • Know where your keys are! It’s easy to forget to take them from the door after opening.

Living alone shouldn’t be scary. If anything, it should be a celebration of independence and adulthood! Following these tips should give you comfort and peace of mind (plus your favorite true crime podcaster would be proud)!

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