The 9 Best Amazon Finds for Your Apartment

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Zoe Frantz

Whether you’re starting to decorate your apartment or looking to add a little pizzazz, you probably head to Amazon first. Unless you find curated recommendations through scrolling your TikTok FYP, the sheer number of products can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you navigate the many products available on Amazon! Keep reading for a list of the best things to buy on Amazon to create your dream apartment!

Portable Door Lock

Price: $19.99 (2 Pack)

If you’re living alone, this first suggestion is a MUST HAVE! A portable door lock adds an extra layer of protection that ensures no one can enter your home while this is in place. It’s easy to install and use, and because it is portable, could be taken wherever you travel! This Amazon door lock is sure to make you feel safe with additional security in your dream apartment.

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Cloud Magnet Wall Key Holder

Price: $8.48

Find yourself constantly losing your keys? This magnetic wall key holder is perfect for you! Hang this cute decoration on your wall that can be used to store your keys. And with the magnet, there’s no chance of them falling off or getting lost before your next trip!

As an added bonus, this magnetic wall key holder could be put in your bathroom to hold bobby pins or necklaces! Once you think about it, there are endless practical possibilities for this simple, aesthetic decoration.

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Floor Mirror

Price: $66.99

A floor mirror is an essential piece for any apartment…but you don’t necessarily need to get one that will break the bank. Amazon has tons of options all for less than $100 and will ship right to your doorstep! Invest in a floor mirror that will not only make your bedroom appear larger, but also be a dream to get dressed in.

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Floating Shelves

Price: $33.99

With functional floating shelves, you are easily able to store items or display your favorite books or works of art! These shelves have invisible and sturdy metal brackets that are easy to mount. Floating shelves could be used in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, or even your bathroom to make your dream apartment feel less cluttered.

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Stackable Drawers

Price: $28.99

It is often that in an apartment, space can be limited. You might have to get creative with how to fit everything into your place. Stackable drawers can help! This convenient 2-drawer set can be used individually or stacked to save space on a counter.

Stackable drawers are perfect if you’re looking to organize your makeup or skin care and save space on a vanity. Or, they could be placed in a pantry to organize snacks! Once you think about it, the possibilities are endless with these stackable drawers to start utilizing all the space in your apartment!

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Clothing Rack

Price: $29.99

If you’re short on closet space, this next Amazon find is for you! This freestanding clothing rack offers two more rods to give you extra space to hang your clothes. Plus, it can be a cute addition to any bedroom!

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Projector and Screen

Price: $79.99

Love watching shows and movies but don’t want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a TV? We’ve got you covered. Projectors are all the rage now and can be a great alternative to buying a TV! 

This projector comes with a projector screen, so you don’t even have to worry about finding an old sheet or a blank wall. Projectors are great to set up on a wall or take for a movie night! You can’t go wrong with ordering this high-quality projector, perfect for your daily Netflix binge.

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Under Desk Elliptical

Price: $122.17

While most of us have become pros at working from home, it still isn’t fun, especially living in an apartment. It can be difficult to be stuck in the same space for the entire day with very little movement. If you’re still working from home, consider purchasing an under desk elliptical for your apartment!

This portable elliptical is the perfect addition to your work from home routine. It offers a digital monitor with tracking, eight different levels of resistance, and easy transportation. This is the perfect way to get some exercise while you’re working during the day or even watching TV at night. The possibilities are endless!

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Plug in Wall Sconce

Price: $30.99

Finding a way to brighten up your apartment can be a challenge. Luckily, the plug in wall sconces off Amazon make it easy to add some light to any room. These light fixtures are durable,sturdy, and offer an adjustable angle. They’re perfect for placing above a bedside table, in a hallway, living room, or anywhere else in your apartment!

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We hope we were able to ease the anxiety associated with searching through Amazon to find the perfect additions to make your living space feel like home. If you need even more suggestions, check out TikTok and search “Amazon Apartment Must Haves” for tons of videos. 

Now that you’ve found everything you need to decorate your apartment, be sure to check out to find the perfect place to live. 

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