Why YOU Should Move to Pittsburgh in 2021

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Why should you move to Pittsburgh in 2021? One word. Pierogies…kidding! (But really, the pierogies are great!)

Aside from the doughy, cheesy goodness, we’ve compiled a list of 7 reasons why YOU should move to Pittsburgh.


Affordable Housing

The first of many reasons why you should move to Pittsburgh is the affordable housing. Compared to other cities like Boston or D.C., apartment prices are on the lower end. Heck, you can find a ton of quality apartments in Pittsburgh under $1000.

At Birgo Realty, we offer both affordable AND high quality living spaces. Didn’t think you’d ever hear those words in the same sentence, did ya? 

Many of our Pittsburgh properties are scattered around the city and in different neighborhoods. This ensures that you’ll find your perfect location at your perfect price point. View our available listings or schedule a tour here!

Lincoln Terrace Apartments in Bellevue, Pennsylvania

Job Opportunities

Pittsburgh consistently ranks high in cities and urban areas for job opportunities. As the city transitioned from an industrial powerhouse to a modern economy, it was held in place by jobs in technology and medicine. With large networks like UPMC, Allegheny Health Network and Highmark, the city is a hub for healthcare jobs. As far as job satisfaction goes, most Pittsburghers are well pleased. 

Young professionals will have little worry when it comes to seeking job opportunities as a result of the hiring opportunities. In fact, Pittsburgh’s low cost of living is a huge bonus for college grads who have to pay off student loans. Hey, if you’re still working remotely because of the pandemic, look at the positives...you can work anywhere. Why not move to a vibrant city with low living costs (*wink wink)?!

In general, you’ll find that every industry and market is usually hiring - and that includes higher education. You can’t write a job section without mentioning the many colleges and universities located in the ‘Burgh! Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh, Point Park University, and more are also major employers in the Steel City.

Now we’ll take this opportunity to segue into our next section... 


Whether it’s private, public, charter, or higher education, Pittsburgh has many options when it comes to schooling. 

Niche, a website dedicated to helping students and families find the perfect school, has researched and ranked the best school districts in the Pittsburgh area. Fox Chapel takes the cake at number one, with Mt. Lebanon following close behind.

Interested in renting in this area? Central Square and Apartments on Academy are both located in Mt. Lebo. It’s the perfect location to know that your child is getting a quality education! Many of our other properties are also within close proximity to local schools. 

The Pittsburgh Public School system also received an excellent rating from Niche. The student-teacher ratio is 12-1, which is well below the national average of 17-1. By living in Pittsburgh, it allows you peace of mind knowing that your child is not just a number. 

As mentioned before, Pittsburgh is home to many colleges. Have your pick at some of the nation’s best universities and job opportunities post-grad. Just to mention a few, here are some prestigious universities in Pittsburgh: Duquesne University, Community College of Allegheny County, Carlow, Chatham, CMU, Pitt, and Robert Morris.

With all these accolades, we think Pittsburgh deserves an A+ in the education department!

Diverse Culture

Sports, arts, food, entertainment - you name it and we have it. There’s lots of things to do in Pittsburgh, but don’t worry if it’s all a bit overwhelming. Check out this ultimate itinerary we made for things to do in Pittsburgh in 2021! 

Here’s some quick info for ya:

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll fit right in (unless you’re a Cleveland Browns fan)! There’s always a sporting event going on, whether it be professional or college. If you’re looking for something to do, cheer on one of our hometown teams: the Steelers, Pirates, Riverhounds or Penguins. 

The Cultural District, located in Downtown Pittsburgh, is a cluster of theaters, art galleries and cultural landmarks. Every year, well-known plays and musicals will take the stages at the Benedum and Byham theaters for your enjoyment. If you’re not into theater, you can still have a knee-slapping good time at one of the many comedy gigs that are hosted here. 

Foodies can bask in all their glory with copious amounts of feel-good food. Salad with fries on top, vegan donuts, matcha bars, ice cream and more are just a small taste of the deliciousness you have to look forward to! 

In addition to everything we mentioned above, Pittsburgh also has a great culture of people. When you live in the ‘Burgh, the people you come across are always friendly. Even just walking down the street, you’ll be sure to receive a friendly nod, smile or wave. Us yinzers have a heart of (black &) gold...after all we have the best role model to look up to: Mr. Fred Rogers. 

Environment and Sustainability

Pittsburgh is becoming one of America’s most green cities. In the past decade, it has undergone major environmental transformations with the help of local politicians, non-profits, government agencies, and of course, citizens. 

Here are some recent efforts you should know about:

In an effort to decrease our carbon footprint and increase recycling, the Pittsburgh Department of Public Works is rolling out free recycling bins to residents over the course of the next two years.  

Many projects are being aimed at revitalizing communities and neighborhoods. Adaptive reuse projects in the Strip (The Terminal) and the North Side (our very own Stables Lofts!) are sustainably transforming the city into more vibrant and lively areas.

While Pittsburgh’s smoke stacks still stand tall, the city has proudly eliminated its air pollution problem as a result of the industrial facilities in the region. Through consistent nurturing and care, our rivers and recreational areas have been nursed back to health. 

Cities are nicknamed concrete jungles, but Pittsburgh doesn’t fit into that category. There’s so much green space and other recreational areas that the city feels almost park-like. Access to the outdoors is easy, too. If you’re looking to get away from city life, it’s just a short commute to Frick Park, Schenley Park or North Park (plus, they have kayaking!). State parks are also located close to the city such as Moraine State Park, Raccoon Creek State Park and Ohiopyle. 

Many of the buildings located in Pittsburgh are also leading the way in becoming more environmentally conscious. The David L. Lawrence Convention Center, Heinz History Center, Phipps Conservatory and the Carnegie Science Center's PPG Science Pavilion are actually some of the greenest buildings in the world. 

Although there is continuous work to do in caring for the environment, there is great hope for the future of sustainability here in Pittsburgh.


In regards to infrastructure, Pittsburgh is making big moves. 

As you might know, Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania in general is known for potholes. Luckily, road crews are quick to patch them up. Speaking of restoration projects, more are in the works along rivers, trails, and other recreational areas. 

Here’s more good news for cyclists: bike lanes are appearing left and right! Organizations such as BikePGH and Healthy Ride are some of the biggest advocates in becoming a more bike-friendly city. In fact, just recently it was announced that hundreds of miles of new bike lanes will come to Downtown and Oakland in the near future. 

Navigation Downtown will be getting easier as the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership rolls out their Mobility Plan over the next several years. The plan emphasizes people first as well as affordability and sustainability. The plan hopes to achieve a well-flowing Downtown where buses, pedestrians, bikers and drivers can all thrive. 

Read more about the Mobility Plan here.


Realtor.com ranked Pittsburgh number two in a list of the safest and affordable metro areas in the U.S. Cities and metro areas tend to have higher crime rates than less populated and rural surroundings, however Pittsburgh is safer than 11% of other U.S. cities. 

While neighborhoods are generally quiet, it’s nice knowing that the Pittsburgh Police are very visible and responsive to calls. Local politicians are also prioritizing public safety and have plans to push more legislation in order to make Pittsburgh the safest it can be! 

For a list of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods, check out this resource.

Concluding Thoughts

There’s a reason why Pittsburgh was named one of America’s most livable cities! If you’re still on the fence, we hope we were able to shed some light on a few of the perks of living in this wonderful city. So with all that being said, come live your best life with us!

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