Birgo Gives Employees a Mental Health Day to Prevent Burnout

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Birgo Gives Employees a Mental Health Day to Prevent Burnout

Birgo’s Office Will Be Closed Thursday, November 11 for an Employee Mental Health Day

PITTSBURGH, PA, November 11, 2021 — Birgo’s office will be closed Thursday, November 11 for an employee Mental Health Day.

In an effort to cultivate a healthy work environment and prevent burnout, Birgo hosts four office team mental health days per year to help employees de-stress and recharge. On these days, the company encourages staff to shut down their laptops and spend the day engaging in mindful activities.

To further facilitate a day of rest, Birgo office employees are provided with access to mental health resources including an optional mental health day kickoff session facilitated by counseling professionals and suggested activities to do at home or around Pittsburgh. 

Nicole Shirk, Birgo’s Director of People, said, "Birgo’s Leadership Team is here to serve our employees in any way that we can including helping provide coverage so they can engage in restorative activities. We also encourage everyone to let direct reports, managers or family know what they plan to do for support and accountability.”

Employee Mental Health Days evolved out of Birgo’s dedication to employee health and wellbeing and were first introduced at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since its implementation, there have been more than 1,650 company hours put toward Mental Health Days.

"We believe healthy rhythms of rest and play make it possible for us to charge hard after our company’s goals. Mental Health Days are a part of how we care for employees so they can enjoy life and bring their best to work,” added Shirk.

This effort follows in the footsteps of the company’s comprehensive wellness program policy. Along with quarterly Mental Health Days, Birgo implements quarterly "No Meeting Weeks” and "No Meeting Days” every Thursday to allow employees uninterrupted focus time.

About Birgo

Birgo is a real estate investment company that is focused on workforce housing in the heartland of America. Birgo is mission-driven, and its 65+ employees are committed to the company’s core purpose of “improving lives through real estate.” Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Birgo currently has over 2,000 units in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York and Ohio. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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