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Are you thinking about moving to Pittsburgh?

Was it the history, the job market, or the amazing private universities that brought you to think about the Steel City?

Whatever it was, we’re happy to shed some light on why we believe Pittsburgh is a great option for you and your lifestyle! Continue reading for the top 10 things to know about our city.

the "T" in Pittsburgh

1. Public transportation is a great option for suburban living in Pittsburgh.

Bus services and the light rail (the “T”, as locals call it) are part of a valuable transportation system for the city at large.

Transportation passes are affordable, with base fares starting at $2.50 per ride and monthly prices starting at $97 with unlimited rides and transfers. Senior citizens with certain passes ride for free and discounts are also offered.

Bus and T-stops are widely available throughout the city and its suburbs - view the full map if you want to see which areas are conveniently serviced.

2. The city is a big melting pot.

Due to the reformation after the steel industry’s prime, Pittsburgh had to redefine itself. This shift took the demographics from the steel industry and blended it with other industries to make the melting pot we have today.

While crime is a little higher in PGH than in other cities, it’s not all too obvious - most of our suburbs are extremely safe, and if you’re worried about what neighborhood to choose, keep reading - we’ll get to it. Rent prices can be low in the desirable neighborhoods, and the possibilities for young professionals are many! We’ll talk about this in a little more detail below.

Overall, Pittsburgh now stands tall as one of the leading cities in medicine, education, research, and its roots in manufacturing. It’s led to people of all different backgrounds to come and gather as one.

3. It won’t hurt to learn the names of at least three Steelers players (trust us).

Ben Roethlisberger? You should know his name. The cheerleaders? You should know they’re only one of six NFL teams not to have cheerleaders. The facts go on and on and once you know them, get ready to fit right in!

Pittsburghers love football and sporting their local teams. The Pittsburgh Steelers got their name from the Pittsburgh steel industry and their logo came straight from an icon used by the American Icon and Steel Institute, so sports have been a crucial passtime for our city for a long time.

We also have an NHL team (the Pittsburgh Penguins) and MLB team (the Pittsburgh Pirates), so it might be wise to know some of those team members too for the best small talk around. Nevertheless, you’re going to want to purchase some sports gear when you get here!

4. You’re going to see a little bit of all the seasons here.

Maybe you’re used to it and maybe you’re not, but you’re going to get all four seasons in our city. The weather may get a little weird. But it’s okay - we’re used to it!

Summers are a little hot, but not Florida or Georgia hot (around 83 degrees on an average summer day). Winter is snowy and you can expect the snow to stick around all winter long, with the average high in winter being around 36 degrees. If you’re looking for some consistency in the weather then Pittsburgh probably isn’t your place, but if you want a little bit of everything, then come on in!

5. Rent prices are GREAT!

If you’re looking to rent, Pittsburgh is a more-favorable option compared to many other U.S. cities: 32% of apartments listed in Pittsburgh cost between $701 and $1,000 every month. The most popular neighborhood- Shadyside- averages out at $1,500, but the most affordable suburbs around the city are Carrick, Overbrook, Perry, and Beechview averaging at around $700.

Whatever you’re looking for - cheaper rent or the cream of the crop - it’s all here. And it makes the city worth it!  See this link to get informed about the Pittsburgh suburbs and to find the right one for you and your budget.

6. The food here is tasty.

If you’ve never heard of Primanti Brothers, then you’re about to!

Food is one of the things Pittsburghers get right. Pierogies, chipped chopped ham, Sarris Candies, and Heinz Ketchup are a few of the foods we’re known for. We haven’t invented much in the food industry but we’ve popularized a lot of food from a ton of different cultures, then made our own blend here in the City of Bridges.

If you want to live the perfect Pittsburgh day, do this: put on a Steelers sweater, get a sandwich from Primanti Brothers, and make a picnic on one of our famous bridges downtown. 😉

7. Pittsburgh history is important, and it’s everywhere.

We could devote an entire blog post to this one fact about Pittsburgh.

After the civil war, Pittsburgh started to become known for its manufacturing abilities. Through the 50’s Pittsburgh was making half of the country’s steel. This spiked the population of the city and it soon became the eighth-largest city in the U.S.!

Along with the steel-rich history, Andrew Carnegie stories, and Heinz’s hometown, there are many landmarks you can visit to bring you back to what it was like to live in Pittsburgh when it was still “The Gateway to the West” or the industrialization mecca that propelled America to nationwide success in the early 1900’s.

8. Nature is nearby, and there is no lack of it.

Sunshine and nature are important if you’re living in a city. If you’re moving to Pittsburgh, you’re in luck - we’ve got plenty of nature!

There are lots of conservatories, hilltop views, and trails to choose from. We could write lists on lists full of these parks, but someone else has already done that for us: check out a good list here.

9. College and education is a big thing in Pittsburgh.

College might be something that’s on your radar for yourself or your family.  Pittsburgh is home to over 29 colleges and universities.

Carnegie Mellon, University of Pittsburgh, and Duquesne University are some of the largest and more-recognizable schools in the area. There are also a few great community colleges available. The public school systems around the city also get A+ ratings, as you can see here.

If education is a deciding factor for you and your move to Pittsburgh, we’ve written a more in-depth blog post about Pittsburgh’s colleges, how much they cost, and what they’re known for. See it here.

10. Last but not least: This is the city for factoids.

Pittsburgh has more bridges than any other city in the world? Yup.

The founder of Heinz Ketchup built a cathedral on the University of Pittsburgh campus? Check.

Mr. Rogers is from here? Checkmate!

Whatever you move here for, we can guarantee that you’re welcome to become part of Pittsburgh. 

Our rich history, vast demographics, and sports teams draw in many people from around the world, so don’t be afraid to pack up and enjoy life here along with us…

We promise it’ll be worth the move.

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