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In recent years there's been a renewed focus by many to support local businesses. It turns out that New Kensington is home to many such businesses. We have compiled a list to highlight some of the must visit businesses unique to New Kensington and the surrounding area.

To give some background, New Kensington is a city in Westmoreland County about 18 miles northeast of Downtown Pittsburgh known for its historic charm and location along the Allegheny River. At Birgo Realty we have an expanding portfolio in the area- Check out some of our properties here.


Best Cup of Joe in New Ken

Whether it's to kickstart your morning or an afternoon pick me up, these coffee shops are sure to leave you caffeinated and ready to conquer your day!

Cabrileo’s Coffee

Cabrileo’s Coffee in New Kensington offers organic coffee and specialty drinks to-go with delivery right to your car! While not your typical sit-down coffee shop, it’s great for a cup of joe for the road!

(Open Daily)

Harvest Moon Coffee and Chocolates

Harvest Moon Coffee and Chocolates has customers’ taste buds jumping for joy! They offer La Prima Espresso beverages (one of my personal favorites) and hand dipped, small batch candies. Need I say more?

(Closed on Sundays and Mondays)

Popular Restaurants in the Area

The New Ken area has quite the food scene with a wide variety of cuisines right at your fingertips!

Rosa’s Bakery and Pizza Shop

Established in 1962, Rosa’s Bakery and Pizza Shop is a family owned and operated business in New Kensington. Customers rave over their pizza with some having been loyal customers for decades. P.S. They also serve delicious baked goods! 

(Closed Sundays)

Ashley’s Kitchen

Ashley’s Kitchen, a newer establishment in New Ken, serves customers delicious stuffed breads! Ashley’s is a great option for parties or large gatherings with the majority of their business involving catering. Don’t worry, they still offer dine in and takeout options.

P.S. They also make cheesecakes that can be preordered for events!

(Closed Sundays)

Knead Community Cafe

Located in Downtown New Kensington, Knead Community Cafe offers customers healthy dining options at an affordable price! They are unique in that they offer pay what you can meals to customers in need.

P.S. They also have many volunteer opportunities available!

(Closed Sundays and Mondays)

Rey Azteca

A favorite among families in the area, Rey Azteca in New Kensington serves authentic Mexican dishes to their customers. They are known for their great tasting food and large portions (margaritas included at 32 oz!).

P.S. They have a lot of vegetarian options available!

(Open Daily)

Mogie’s Irish Pub

Mogie’s Irish Pub is a family dining establishment in Lower Burrell. They offer an extensive menu of classic pub cuisine in a casual atmosphere! P.S. Their draft list is also extensive! 

(Open Daily)

Buffalo Bill's Roadhouse

Buffalo Bill’s Roadhouse, a family oriented restaurant, has been a New Kensington staple since 1994. They are known for their oven baked wings which is a healthier alternative to this traditionally deep fried food! 

(Open Daily)

Villa Ballanca

Villa Ballanca is an old school Italian restaurant located in Lower Burrell. They are known for their pizza and pastas, but have an extensive menu offering something for everyone’s taste! 

(Closed Mondays and Tuesdays)

Bob’s Subs

Bob’s Subs, a local favorite since 1973, is known for serving good vibes and great subs. They even made Trib Live’s 2020 Best of the Best List!

(Open Daily)

Sweet Treats in Lower Burrell

Custard and cookies and cakes, oh my! Lower Burrell, a neighboring city to New Ken, has all the best sweets to satisfy your cravings!

Mazziotti Bakery

Mazziotti Bakery, located in Lower Burrell, specializes in breads and Italian pastries! The Mazziotti family has been baking with their old world style recipes for over 60 years, but got a new store front in 2016! 

(Closed Mondays)

Jerry’s Custard

Jerry’s Custard is the ultimate destination for an ice cream cone in Lower Burrell this summer! Jerry’s offers customers a variety of choices with everything from soft serve to gourmet scoops. They also have good prices and are perfect for kids with a grassy area and picnic tables next to the shop!

(Open Daily)

Local Libations

It’s 5 O’clock in New Ken and there's plenty of happy hour options that are sure to tickle your taste buds!

Voodoo Brewery

The owners of Voodoo Brewery combine their quirky personalities with their extensive brewing experience to make their signature beers. This New Ken brewery is the go to spot for a bite and beer after a long work week! Be sure to check out their Good Vibes Beer Fest in July! 

(Closed Sunday-Tuesday)


A destination for wine and cocktails in New Kensington, BotL serves drinks to its guests in a fun and trendy atmosphere!

(Closed Sunday-Tuesday)

Wooden Door Winery

Wooden Door Winery in the Lower Burrell area serves guests light fares and hand crafted wines. They also have a new outdoor pavilion, perfect for enjoying live music in the summer months!

(Closed Sunday-Wednesday)

Fitness at Your Fingertips

Commit to be fit at these locally owned and operated gyms!

Club Fitness

Locally owned and operated, Club Fitness offers members of the New Kensington community countless fitness opportunities ranging from personal training to group fitness classes. Owner Kathy Ciuffoletti strives to create a welcoming environment for all and help individuals reach their fitness goals!

(Open 24/7)

Leap Fitness

Leap Fitness in Lower Burrell is a personalized fitness center with elite equipment that you never have to wait in line for! This locally owned and operated gym offers clients personal training, as well as group training and classes! 

(Open 24/7)

Recreation in New Ken

Looking for some summer fun? Make some memories at some (or all) of the places below!  

Steel Town Paintball

New Kensington’s Steel Town Paintball serves as the largest paintball field in the greater Pittsburgh area. They offer plenty of options to customers with three styles of paintball: indoor, outdoor, and gellyball (low impact)! P.S. They also have glow in the dark options! 

(Open Daily)

Memorial Park

This 25 acre park in New Kensington is filled with fun for kids. They have a playground, creeks, several monuments, and even a large scale fighter plane!

(Open Memorial Day-Labor Day)

New Kensington Arts Center

The New Kensington Arts Center is a hub for creativity, offering a variety of classes from writing workshops to weekly art classes for children and adults! They also have a gallery featuring works from local artists!

(Open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays)

Large Scale Systems Museum 

This museum in Downtown New Ken highlights applied computer technology with an emphasis on how it revolutionized our society! 

(Tours offered by appointment)

Shop Local

Put your money where your heart is at these local businesses in New Kensington!

Odi’s Emporium

Whether you're shopping for basic necessities or second hand treasures, Odi’s Emporium has you covered! This general store in Downtown New Ken serves a dual purpose as a local thrift store so you’re bound to find some good deals! 

(Closed Sundays)


Modfinish is a home decor store in New Kensington assisting customers with all of their remodeling and decorating needs. They provide locals with everything they need from flooring to vintage furniture to art. Perfect if you’re looking to update your (Birgo) apartment! 

(Call for an appointment)

Memory Lane Flower Shop

Operating under the philosophy that “quality is paramount,'' Memory Lane Flower Shop in New Kensington provides beautiful flower arrangements to accommodate any occasion. They have boutineers, centerpieces, and everything in between, offering individualized attention to each customer! 

(Closed Sundays)

Preserving Record Shop

Preserving Record Shop has recently rebranded from their former name Preserving Underground. This local record store serves the New Ken area by providing music lovers records and CDs of all genres! P.S. Keep an eye out! Preserving is planning on opening their former Preserving Underground location as a concert venue in the near future! 

(Closed Monday-Wednesday)


Shopping locally feels good for the soul and helps support the community you call home. Living in New Kensington, you have access to a plethora of unique shops and restaurants and your support of them helps bind that close-knit community feel!

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