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The 10 Real Estate Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Join us as we continue our tour of real estate social media. We’ve already covered RE meme accounts and RE Reddit threads (x2), and we’ve arrived at our next stop: RE Twitter. Twitter has been and continues to be a valuable source for real estate news, advice, and how-tos. Here are the top 10 accounts you should be following.
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Coolest Pieces of Real Estate in the World

As of April 2022, the median price of a house is sitting right around $391,200. That’s nearly a 15% increase from April 2021. Safe to say, the market is red hot right now. The prospect of finding a realistic listing on Zillow right now may be starting to feel like a pipe dream. Well, speaking of pipe dreams, here’s a look at just a few of the coolest properties in the world.
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Investing in the Crazy Real Estate Market with a Small Amount of Money

Today’s housing market is not exactly friendly to the new real estate investor. Unless you have enough money to put a significant amount down on physical property, you may want to consider other avenues of real estate investment. Fortunately, opportunities still exist in this crazy real estate market to make profitable investments with a small amount of money. Continue reading to learn more about other real estate investing options.
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5 finance related meme accounts you should follow

In our day and age one of the best ways to bond and laugh with others is through sharing internet memes. Fortunately for the real estate finance minded person, no shortage of quality meme sources exists. We too can share in the creativity, community, and culture of hilarious internet memes.
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Top 5 Resources for Beginner Real Estate Investors

Real estate investment currently presents one of the best opportunities to build wealth. But, jumping into the this financial asset class can be intimidating for beginner investors. These five resources will better equip you to tap into these opportunities.
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